Internet Marketing Tips - Domain Names That Can Get You in Trouble

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Picking domain names is a very important part of your marketing activities. The proper domain name can give much credibility to your site. It's almost critical that the name itself matches the product or service that you're promoting. However, sometimes picking a name can lead to a lot of trouble. This article is going to touch on how this is so. Hopefully, after reading this, you'll have a pretty good idea of what to avoid when picking a name for your website.

Probably the most obvious problem and the most dangerous is picking a name that matches one of a popular product or service. There are trademark laws that make it so that it is quite possible that by using a name of a well established company that they can contact you and demand that you take your site down. From what I have seen personally, you will have little recourse but to comply. These companies have a lot more money than you do in order to fight these things. So in the long run, you lose.

So, it is best that you make sure that you choose a name that isn't going to step on anybody's toes. Imagine getting a site started, making some money from it and then suddenly you're served with an order to remove your site. Avoid the problem altogether by picking a name that nobody else has a claim to.

Another problem, and one that is not quite so obvious, is picking a name that has letters in it that when isolated, spell words that are, how should I say, less than acceptable as far as the censors go. In many cases, these domain names can even trip spam filters that will keep your emails from being delivered, if you're into email marketing, and land you on the black list as a spam site. I won't give explicit examples in this article, so use your imagination.

So, when picking a name, go through it carefully and make sure that there aren't any words within the words that could end up getting you in trouble.

By following these two simple tips, you should have no problem picking a domain name that you'll be able to keep for a very long time to come.

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8 Great Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name

For search engine (SEO) purposes, there has been a temptation of buying a domain name that is stuffed with keywords. For example, if you do a Google search for Xbox 360, you will find close to a million sites with similar domain names all with the name Xbox stuff inside. Some of these names are catchy and will stick in the minds of people, but some are so lame that no one can remember them.
To help you choose the right domain, here are 8 great tips to get you started.

* 1 Your domain name should be short. My first domain name was as long as my business card. Not only was it hard to remember, but there was a great chance that it would be misspelled when people would try to type my domain in their browser.

* 2 Your domain name should be simple. Stay away from domain names with hyphens and underscores. If people try to type in your domain from memory, they may forget that there was an underscore or a hyphen in your name.

* 3 It should be suggestive of your business category. I think this is pretty self explanatory. If you are a web design company, you don't want a domain that is totally irrelevant like

* 4 It should be unique. Don't be a copy cat. Uniqueness helps people remember you.

* 5 It should be easy to interpret and pronounce. I remember having a domain name that when I were to talk to people over the phone, they would ask over and over, "What is the name of your business again?" You don't want that.

* 6 It should be personalized

* 7 It should not be difficult to spell. Go with a domain name that even the people with the worst spelling can spell.

* 8 It should not be difficult to remember. I have two sites that I think have really great domain names. They are and They are names that people remember.

I hope this short guide will help you on your next domain name purchase. I always recommend Godaddy for domain purchases. Their domains are competitively priced.

Jon Lewis is an online marketer. He is the author of the blog A site where you can find free resources and learn more about how to start an internet business .

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When Can Online Businesses Be Considered As Safe Investment Options?

Lets start with some facts and figures to understand the importance of making ourselves aware of the internet revelations. has 55,000,000 pageviews in a month and is valued at 1.65 Billion Dollars as of Dec 2008. Similarily Yahoo, MSN, Ebay and many other web service providers are in the billion dollar club. Recently Youtube and like sites have proved that even audio and video sharing sites can touch millions of dollars as their advertising revenue.

So what does it all boil down to?

The Best time in the history of mankind is right now and one has to make most of it either willingly or otherwise. Information exchange rate is at an all time high. According to recent studies, The information doubling rate can be measured by the number of inventions in a given period of time by human beings, like Humans invented 38,100 items in 30,000 years, and till renaissance in 1500 BC the number of inventions doubled up to 79035, surprisingly by the beginning of 20th century the doubling rate was acheived between 1910 to 1960 with with 678,900,000,000 variables. Right now the information is doubling every 18 months and By 2015 We will be crossing the vertex of All the information that has been generated till now in the universe.

So back from the Sci-fi, to reality Only Internet is the logical base to our future and all social activities will change the platforms and modes of communications from manual to automatic.
.coms, nets, org, etc will be the prime piece of real estate, Invest in a domain name Now and thank your stars in the future for gaining this information. A 4L( letters).com domain is at sale for 500,000$ at sitepoint.marketplace .com but some promising 8L domains are still at sale for 70-80$. Visit or click here. provides the biggest opportunity of a lifetime with free PPC advertising options and readymade website with absolutely No cost.

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Identity Using Your Domain Name

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let us look at three ways you can use your domain name as a crucial identity factor to differentiate your business on the internet.

When selecting a domain name it is important to use your common sense. This is because your domain name, or URL, can have a large impact upon online and offline marketing of your website. Domain names that are long or difficult to spell can make people ignore your website. Short domain names remain in the memory of your visitors much better.

When selecting a domain name, ensure that you choose one that will assist you in your marketing niche and strategy. As stated before, you can use your business name and your URL. If your business name is not available then select one that comes very close to what you are doing. Purchasing a business name domain name is not the only way to go; a keyword domain name will suffice.

If you select to use a .net extension, it will be better to wait until after you have found a domain name that is available which is well suited to your type of business. Listed below are some simple steps to follow to assist you in identifying your name brand to the internet community.

Structure your Brand Name. It is always advised to place your domain name and email address on your business cards, letterheads, and all printed materials. You could even place your domain name and email address on your phone recording and the side of your car.

Keep is short & memorable, never select an URL that contains all 26 letters of the alphabet and secure a .com URL. It is strongly recommended to purchase a .com domain name rather than a .net, .info, .biz or anything else. If the domain name that you would like is not available in .com, then continue to search until you find an appropriate name that is not already taken. Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with the other extensionsPsychology Articles, having a .com extension makes it sound as though you have been on the net for some time. It is crucial that you remember that your domain name is an extension of your business and your brand of product or service. For this reason it is important that you make the very best selection for the success of your website.

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Where You Should Register Your Domain Name

If you own a website, you would understand the cost and effort required to make everything just perfect. No one wants to invest a lot into a web site and just turn it over to anyone. You need to make sure the domain registrar you choose is professional and can do the job right. Any company you choose should be able to provide you with excellent customer service and quickly resolve any problems that may arise.

If you own a website, you would understand the cost and effort required to make everything just perfect. No one wants to invest a lot into a web site and just turn it over to anyone. You need to make sure the domain registrar you choose is professional and can do the job right. Any company you choose should be able to provide you with excellent customer service and quickly resolve any problems that may arise.

However, that is not the case with all registrar companies. Some take your money and are never heard from again. This can be devastating, especially if you paid a premium price for your domain name.

Some people have even been known to lose their domain name just like that after some time. This can be devastating if your business depends on a website to function. As such, one of the first things you need to do when establishing an online business is to register a good domain name with the right registrar.

How to Select the Right Domain Name Registrar Company

1. Check the domain name company’s website. It should always offer contact information that is easy to find and provides the company’s legal name, phone number and address.

2. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if the company has had any negative reports or complaints from clients.

3. Check the Customer Support facilities of the domain name registrar. Ideally, it should have a 1-800 number, an online ticketing system, a chat system and at the very least an email system for clients. In fact, you can test these customer services first before signing up. For instance, why not send an email and pose a question regarding services and see how fast they respond?

4. Check the extent of services. Nowadays, offering just domain name registration services is not enough. Many of these companies offer web hosting, easy website builders, the ability to add Google AdSense, dedicated IP options, adding blogs, and many more! Depending on what you want your site to be, it’s important that you take a look at these extra services so that you don’t end up dealing with 5 different companies when you can deal with only one, right?

5. Check out online forums. Since domain name registration is big business, prowl online forums or even websites that specifically rank domain name companies so that you get a head start in your research on any registrar.

Other Domain Name Registration Tips

If you already registered your domain name with a company but don’t want them to do your hosting for you, that’s easy. Often, domain name registrars will assist you in configuring the system so that hosting is pointed to another server. As such, never feel that you’re tied to a specific domain registrar for other services.

Also, you may want to use an existing domain name that’s currently for sale. A good domain registrar will offer brokering services. In this scenario, they registrar will approach the current owner of the domain name and indicate that someone is interested in buying the said name from them. A price MAY be set by the current owner and the domain registrar will then mention this to you.
Choosing the best domain registrar for your website can seem like a daunting task. However, with so much at stakeFree Articles, you have to ensure your website’s safety so do do your homework!

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